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About International Balance Group IBG

IBG, International Balance Group, is a holding company that owns shares in many industrial projects . IBG Company’s main activity is directed towards real estate development, cement, color pigments and liquid CO2, mining, Oil&gas trading, green renewable energy, Metals trading.

IBG, International Balance Group, works closely with top international audit and consulting firms for major mega projects, whether industrial, Logistics, Private Bank Financing, Agriculture and Farming, International Catering Services, and many others.

Whether Green field or Brown field opportunities, International Balance Group – IBG always hire the best as technical legal or financial compliance arms to draw the studies into decisions.

Given the strengths in Business Financing and mergers, IBG International Balance Group acquires the required expertise to commit to finding and creating trade finance solutions for all business opportunities seemed valuable and feasible for IBG. Moreover and since 2003, IBG International Balance Group has successfully partnered or fully owned operated business across the globe from medium sized companies to large international companies and give the community global insights into today’s fast growing markets.

IBG, International Balance Group, has the available worldwide procurement facilities and supplies to provide economic empowerment where challenges arise through accessible set of global trade hubs and significant international exports’ channels.

About Mr. Ghais Youssef Makhlouf


Mr. Ghais Makhlouf, a self-made groundbreaking businessman, entrepreneur and investor, whose work stands out for the profound understanding and extensive professional experience, demonstrating significant executive leadership skills and accomplishments in International Trading, Business Management, Project Financing – Investments, and Real Estate.

Mr. Ghais Makhlouf is by all means a transformational strategic thinker with excellent vision and mission ground base, and an insight into innovations, human resource capital, strategic problem solving, and hybrid strategies of implementation techniques through dedicated personal involvement and leadership skills.

Mr. Ghais Makhlouf owns and operates several companies on global scale presence with diversified sectors.  Mr. Makhlouf holds more than 15 years of extensive experience in finance, business management, technical and logistics, real estate and many others, by implementing very effective tools, achieving vital changes and developments leading to extreme net worthy results within the companies.

The Honors Bachelor Degree in Business Management allowed Mr. Makhlouf to obtain skills of full cycle business operations from concept creativity and development plans and strategies till successful completion and delivery.

Mr. Ghais Makhlouf vision and mission is never limited to any activity, but always based on the opportunity of successful development, creating a niche of services for the public.  His respect to the community shown always in proper development plan to enable the companies always to be welcomed ones without any effect on the competition drawn by services available or yet to be created.

Mr. Makhlouf is well connected worldwide and this was the main element of his success by partnering with many influential business leaders from different continents.

As a Chairman Of International Balance Group IBG, Mr. Ghais Makhlouf works on establishing good corporate governance and practices by promoting the highest standards of integrity throughout the companies.

Mr. Ghais Makhlouf acquires and possesses the ability to create long lasting relationships, built on trust and honesty along with managing diversified qualified teams that prove his exceptional communication skills marked by every partner Mr. Makhlouf has done business with.

Among the other specialties that were mentioned above, Mr. Ghais Makhlouf demonstrates prominent skills in working with distressed companies through acquired experience combined with the professional edge results in his continued success by developing, restructuring, re-launching and then reselling such businesses.

IBG Diversified Services

IBG demonstrates main interests in numerous of business sectors, namely:

  • International Commodities Trading

  • Private Investment Programs

  • Real Estate Development, MEGA Projects Development

  • Precious Metals

  • Financial Instruments

  • Aviation

  • Green – Renewable Energy

  • Oil & Gas – Green Refineries

  • Telecommunications

  • Relocation Services and Logistics

  • International Business Services

  • Hospitality and Tourism, Integrated Tourism Projects

  • Contracting and Development

  • Medical, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Mining Industries

IBG News

IBG has approved a huge investment for the largest economy of MEA that is Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. This project is consisted of 3 phases development in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries and Supplies. The mentioned project is considered a strategical one due to the importance of KSA in Medical support to Islamic Countries. It shall include the latest production of medical innovations and techniques to match with today’s and future’s medical needs.

The project launching is estimated to be within 6 months until all legal, legitimate and legislative prospects are in order.

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